is a manual for operating your human energetics. This guide includes ten exercises and meditations about

  • grounding and aligning with your higher self;
  • becoming more conscious and aware;
  • learning your unique universal language;
  • gaining faith in yourself that you will heal;
  • discovering what you will be happy with;
  • learning to facilitate another person's awakening.

You are a synchronization of universal, individual, and Earth consciousness, which is made from our all one universe—made of light and love

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explains in simple steps a way to become more aware and develop your relationship with your higher consciousness and the consciousness of the Earth. It is a personal manual with meditations and exercises designed to deepen your abilities and communication with extrasensory information that you already receive. Energy Work 101 guides you through the connections among our all-one universe, your higher self, your physical and emotional awareness, and the conscious awareness of our Earth.

Through explanations and exercises you are shown the interconnections among conscious awareness, beliefs and social conditioning, health, and your innate ability to facilitate other people in their conscious awakening.

Energy Work 101 will guide you to become more conscious and aware. It will help you gain your faith that you can heal internally. It will encourage you to discover that which you will be happy with and will help you develop proper boundaries with yourself and your social interactions. All of this will strengthen your skill in helping others discover their own inherent abilities of extrasensory perception, universal awareness, and spontaneous healing.